Humanitarian Support

Some Southeastern Connecticut residents have been helped by MCCD in a variety of ways. Being well connected in the community, our members are able to take a need, develop a solution, and find the right person or persons to execute the plan. We respect the dignity of all and work behind the scenes to ensure anonymity. Contact MCCD if you or someone you know is in need of help.

Organ Transplant Support

Donate Life Flag in Old Lyme, CTMCCD Raises a Flag for Organ Transplants

Dr. Richard Jones (Retired), an MCCD board member, considers it a privilege to work side by side with organ transplant recipients, helping them to navigate the detailed and emotional process of finding a donor. An organ recipient might ask for help filing paperwork, finding transportation, or listening to concerns.

MCCD was proud to participate in the Donate Life flag-raising ceremony at Old Lyme Town Hall. The goal of this event was to increase community awareness of the organ donation program.

"I want to acknowledge the efforts of the entire MCCD organization for their support of the event, and getting the word out to enough people to truly make it a memorable event. It was beyond what I envisioned, and the warmth and brotherhood that we experienced at the event confirms why we all love this community so much.

Please extend my sincere thanks to the entire organization for your support on this effort, and so many important things we strive to do here in Old Lyme. We are so blessed to have MCCD in our community.

Bonnie Reemsnyder
First Selectwoman

MCCD Offers Personal Mentoring

"MCCD has been extremely instrumental in working with me on rebuilding my life and effectively guiding me back into my career path with extremely valuable information and guidance to foster my success. The MCCD mentoring team has inspired me to pursue my goals with tireless hard work and dedication, exhibiting sincere and genuine interest to my personal, physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual health and wellness. I'm forever grateful for the invaluable time, energy and professional resources MCCD has provided to assist me in rebuilding my life and career." Charles S.

MCCD Offers Storm Recovery Assistance

Marla Sulmasy, an Old Lyme beach resident, suffered major damage to her residence after Super Storm Sandy. Her home was uninhabitable. Members of MCCD worked with Marla to help her navigate the maze-like process of dealing with FEMA, insurance, finances, local officials, land use and building codes, and tradesmen.

Repair Work Starts on Marla's Home Repair Work Starts on Marla's Home Repair Work is Completed on Marla's Home Repair Work is Completed on Marla's Home
"I can honestly say their time, effort and support helped me get back on my feet. But perhaps most of all, I felt their compassion and interest in helping me as their greatest contribution." Marla Sulmasy
Old Lyme Resident