Our mission is to provide expert assistance to those in need.

We do this by connecting those in need with volunteers with appropriate talents and expertise and by undertaking special projects with particular benefits to the community.

Mentoring Corps for Community Development

Mentoring Corps for Community Development (MCCD) was established in June 2012 to provide volunteer expertise and executive assistance. We exist to help and encourage non-profit organizations, large and small businesses, and individuals and families in need of assistance. Those seeking help with their career planning can find it through MCCD. In short, we will consider taking on almost any assignment within our skill set that will add sparkle to New London and Middlesex Counties.

After gaining years of experience from business, government and/or child raising careers, many of us are asking how we can give back to the communities in Southeast Connecticut. There are unmet needs throughout our community – in education, social services, small businesses and nonprofits (both those already established and startups) individuals and families – who can benefit from lessons learned and analytical skills developed during one’s career or life experiences. Seeing this need, the Mentoring Corps for Community Development is reaching out to individuals of all ages and experience who wish to help us provide direction, advice, contacts, wisdom, mentoring, and continued support.