Career & Financial Support

Personal Financial Management Support

MCCD has developed a presentation to assist clients in getting their financial life in order. Topics include establishing a financial plan, budgeting, saving, investing and avoiding financial pitfalls. These presentations are appropriate for a group or for personal, one-on-one training.

Career Counseling Support

Practical Guidelines for Job-hunters and Career Changers

MCCD offers career counseling that helps clients successfully launch and complete a job hunt. It includes practical tips and interactive exercises that will accelerate the job search and help participants find their next perfect job. Unlike other job search programs, our focus is on preparation and self-assessment - thinking through what type of work or position would be a good fit and how to leverage your network to accelerate a job search. Included in the workshop are: a description of the job hunt process, materials on resume preparation, common interview questions, interviewing do's and don'ts and a section on networking. Clients are also given access to additional resources useful in conducting a job hunt.

The program provides real value to participants in terms of practical, usable tips and interactive exercises to work on self-discovery and hone job hunting skills.

MCCD Offers Career Counseling to NESS AmeriCorps Volunteers

MCCD has been working with local AmeriCorps members since 2015.AmeriCorps members review their resumes during a career workshop.MCCD members from varied professional backgrounds share their experiences and advice.MCCD hosts a tree swallow murmuration cruise on the Connecticut River
"It has only been a week since you all spoke and already I have truly integrated many of your philosophies into my life. Everything I learned in the seminar I took to heart. Thank you again for everything!" Cody
AmeriCorps volunteer