Business Support

MCCD provides support to a wide range of businesses, both for-profit and not-for-profit. Client assistance progresses through a series of stages. After an initial meeting, an MCCD team will evaluate the client’s needs and help define the objective. This may lead to a meeting with the full MCCD Board for brainstorming and additional input, leading to the development of an action plan.

MCCD members have a wide range of expertise to offer including overall strategies, business concepts, and specific strategies for marketing, finance and logistics/systems. If you feel you might benefit from some expert and objective assistance, contact us.

Recent Support

Subway Old Lyme

MCCD Aids Subway Franchise

Debbie Hans, owner of the Subway shop in Old Lyme, worked with MCCD to increase her business after she purchased the franchise in 2015. Thereafter, MCCD volunteers would occasionally check in with Debbie and give her pointers for her business. Like many, her shop was hit hard when restaurants in Connecticut were forced to close indoor dining due to the COVID-19 pandemic. MCCD was able to help again, this time to help find the financial support she needed.

It was great to know that there were people out there, and they were going to help.

– Debbie Hans
Owner, Subway Old Lyme ran an article describing MCCD's work with Debbie.

With owners wondering where to seek help, the Mentoring Corps for Community Development (MCCD) has been quick to step up, reach out and lend a hand for those who might be struggling to keep their businesses afloat.


ARC New London

MCCD Helps Arc New London County

MCCD supported and advised ARC on moving forward with for-profit opportunities within their non-profit organization. This is a growing movement within the non-profit community to compliment donations and grants with for-profit ventures.

"Thanks to our mentors in the Corps, the Arc New London County continues to break innovative ground exploring new business opportunities that serve our participants with intellectual and developmental disabilities and our community at-large…while maintaining that all-critical stable bottom line."

– Kathleen Stauffer
Arc New London County

Vessels for Vets

MCCD Provides Support for Veterans

A retired army staff sergeant received this tractor from Work Vessels for Vets, a local non-profit organization that helps veterans throughout the U.S. obtain a primary “tool” (such as a boat, tractor, camera, etc) to help them launch or improve their business. MCCD performed the assessment and his plan for using the desired tractor to improve farm income.

MCCD Aids Local Business Owners

"As a new business owner, meeting with MCCD has greatly contributed to my financial success this year. Their consultation has been invaluable."

– Anonymous Business Owner