School and Student Support

MCCD offers a series of presentations by experts and executives which have been used in local schools to supplement their academic STEM and Enrichment programs. The presentations are designed to inspire students by providing career advice and enhance classroom instruction with real-world experience.

In addition to our programs, one-on-one and small group student mentoring offer encouragement, friendship, wisdom and perspective.

MCCD is also privileged to work closely with students participating in the Invention Convention competition.

MCCD Supports Invention Convention

MCCD Supports Invention Convention

Each year MCCD members help students at two Lyme-Old Lyme schools prepare their entries for the Invention Convention competition. MCCD works with students from the start of their projects seeing them through to completion. MCCD members help to select the projects that advance to State level competition.

MCCD members help students build a working prototypeMCCD helps students prepare for the Invention Convention competitionEach year MCCD awards books to the top local winners
"We are excited to have such enthusiastic members of the community graciously willing to share their talents and expertise while creating a partnership with the youth from Lyme-Old-Lyme schools." Nila Kaczor
Young Scholars Teacher

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MCCD Offers STEM Presentations

MCCD Offers STEM Presentation
"I am thrilled to have the MCCD members working each week with our students and look forward to a lasting partnership for our STEM and Renzulli programs." Kate McCoy
District Magnet School Supervisor
New London Public Schools

MCCD Offers Enrichment Presentations

MCCD Offers Enrichment Presentations

Our Enrichment sessions expose students to a wide variety of career options. Excitement grows as they listen to our speakers and participate in hands-on learning. MCCD has delivered more than fifty different sessions in two school systems including subjects such as surgery, geology, environmentally sound architecture, astronomy, fashion and logos.