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Newsletter - December 2017

Our founding father Dick Shriver announced in October he would take a "temporary" leave of absence to focus on a personal business project, Swallow Watch. He does, however, expect to stay involved with several on-going projects, as this report makes clear. Board members Susan and Frank Cummiskey will be spending more time in Boston (and Ireland) with their daughters, so have resigned from the board. The board is actively considering new members.

Board member Frank Gaglio attended his first board meeting for Work Vessels for Vets, an organization MCCD, and particularly Frank Gaglio, have been involved with for the past couple of years. Led by Dennis Powers and Frank Gaglio, MCCD is working with Bikes for Kids in a number of areas, including management assistance, board composition and governance. Richard Jones and Gerry Guild, working with the LOL school system, helped arrange a talk to the driver's ed. program on organ donation.

MCCD's involvement with the Invention Convention program is in its third year. Four "Guppy Tank" sessions were held with four MCCD members. (A "Guppy Tank" session is where the contestants present their inventions, and constructive criticism is offered.) A total of 35 entrants went to the LOL judging on December 7, with Dennis Powers and Richard Jones among the judges. Three to four inventions from each of the two schools were chosen to enter the regional finals, to be held in March. We offered merger advice to the United Cerebral Palsy of Eastern Connecticut as well as business advice to MARC of Middletown, which is making soaps.

Dick Shriver, John Forbis and Dennis Powers met several times with Lauren Ash and the HOPE Partnership regarding their effort to create more affordable housing in Old Lyme. We helped them develop a presentation to neighbors and key people from Old Lyme about their plan to develop approximately 50 housing units on a property located near I-95. The workshop was held November 14 and provided HOPE with useful input.

Early in the quarter, Dick Shriver and BJ Bernblum reported that Kate McCoy of the New London public school district had reached out to let them know that all the administrators and teachers who had been involved with MCCD's work last year were no longer at the school. At the last meeting of the quarter, Dick mentioned that Kate McCoy included him (and MCCD) on an e-mail explaining that a Youth Leadership Academy will be created to include all Renzulli and STEM students at the Bennie Dover Jackson School, which also houses four magnet schools. The Leadership Academy will be for students in grades six through twelve. They would like MCCD's involvement in the 2018-2019 academic year.

On October 24, Dick Shriver e-mailed a "final report" on client Upper Pond Farm. In it he noted that the business now has two farm locations and has grown into a successful operation over the past three years. Besides, they helped repair a greenhouse at the LOL middle school, and they brought to the Bennie Dover Jackson School in New London a miniature farm to explain to students how food is grown, harvested and delivered.

During the quarter John Forbis prepared a client-information sheet and the decision was made to join the Chamber of Commerce.

MCCD continues to work with new clients, ranging from individuals and non-profits to small, for-profit businesses – to help our community sparkle, to "provide expert assistance to those in need."