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MCCD Helps to Create STEM Series

In early 2014, the then Superintendent of New London Schools, Nick Fischer, introduced MCCD to Kate McCoy, a teacher leader at Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School. Under the leadership of principal Alison Burdick, Ms. McCoy is working with the school’s STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). This introduction resulted in MCCD creating a series of presentations by professionals for students participating in Bennie Dover Jackson’s voluntary after-school STEM program.

These sessions were designed to inspire students by demonstrating the real-world importance of science, technology, engineering, and math. Students are encouraged to pursue these disciplines in their education and future careers. We are grateful to the following presenters who took the time and effort to share their expertise and experiences with these wonderful kids.

MCCD Helps to Create STEM Series in SchoolsMCCD Helps to Create STEM Series in SchoolsMCCD Helps to Create STEM Series in SchoolsMCCD Helps to Create STEM Series in Schools
  • Larry B. Olsen, Captain, US Navy (ret) - “Submarines, Nuclear Power & STEM”
  • Rives Potts, President and COO, Brewer Yacht Yard Group - “Sailing Around the World Aboard Carina”
  • Ralph Wood, Chairman, Audubon Society of CT - “How to Define and Solve Problems in a Systematic, Thorough Manner That Endures” (two seminars)

  • Ray Zelek, President, Zelek Electric Co. - “Solar Power”
  • Russ Bingham, MD (ret) - “STEM & Emergency Rooms”
  • Dick Shriver, former Director, Telecommunications and Command & Control, Dept. of Defense - “Communications, Telecommunications, and Calculating the Speed of Light”

  • Michael Perks, former British Merchant Seaman, “Inventions that changed the World”

MCCD is continuing this program this spring with some new topics and presenters. It is expanding to include a class of Renzulli students as well as the STEM participants.