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Estimating the GDP and GDP per capita of the United States

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Carbon Footprints, part I and II

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Veterinarian and her dog

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The 7 habits of successful people, Parts I and II

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The Cold War, its start and the pathway to MAD

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A career writing music and performing as a member of a world class band

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Determining your personal mission

Richard Shriver
How and why the Cold War ended, and its aftermath

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How to understand fact from fiction

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The latest news from Pluto

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Fashion: logos, product development and marketing

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Patents in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Designing a LEEDS-certified environmentally-sound community

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The Monty Hall three-door probability problem

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“Where am I?”: Finding one’s latitude

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The Horseshoe Crab

Robert Reynolds

Robert Reynolds

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Growing seafood (oysters)

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Mistake proofing

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General surgery

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Living with traumatic brain injury