Hurricane Sandy, aka Super Storm Sandy, provided the group’s first opportunity to help a community member in need. Old Lyme was hit hard like many neighboring communities. Over 250 homes were declared uninhabitable.

Marla Sulmasy, an Old Lyme beach resident, suffered major devastation by the storm. The damage to her residence was so severe that she was forced to leave immediately with her four children. Hers was just one of the uninhabitable structures along the shore.

Members of MCCD worked with Marla Sulmasy to help her navigate the maze-like process of dealing with FEMA, insurance, finances, local officials, land use and building codes, and tradesmen. We created and she implemented an operating budget and a capital budget so she could meet everyday necessities and restore her home.

Countless hours were spent with Marla. Sandy made landfall on October 25, 2012. Marla and her family were able to return to their repaired home on Palm Sunday, March 24, 2013. Her fortitude, persistence, and tenacity was an inspiration to all of us who worked with her. It was a joy and a privilege to partner with Marla in this complex, ever changing process and the result, both in terms of time and reconstruction, was extraordinary for everyone involved.

Marla graciously wrote the following about MCCD,

I can honestly say their time, effort and support helped me get back on my feet. But perhaps most of all, I felt their compassion and interest in helping me as their greatest contribution.