At the end of the quarter, we find ourselves working with fourteen separate entities, one of which, the Lyme-Old Lyme School system, has nine separate components. Another ten organizations have asked for our assistance. We have met with half of them and are reviewing our options with all of them. We completed two projects.

In terms of administrative changes, in January we elected Dick Shriver and BJ Bernblum as co-chairs of MCCD. Dennis Powers joined the board and Frank Gaglio has become an active volunteer. At the end of the quarter, Jim Rice, citing travel and other commitments, asked to resign as a board member, but to stay on as a volunteer. We reluctantly granted his wish.

Our clients fall into three main categories:

  1. Schools – (three school systems in three towns – a total of eleven projects)
    1. STEM programs, such as we are conducting for the Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School inNew London
    2. Mentoring programs, such as we have conducted in the LOL School system
    3. Working with schools to help facilitate student internships
    4. Acting as judges in programs requiring students to be creative problem solvers, known as “invention conventions”
  2. Humanitarian – (one on going)
    1. Helping those in need due to special circumstances, such as storm victims, accident or illness
  3. Profit & Non-profit organizations – (ten distinct organizations)
    1. In terms of for-profit businesses, using our collective experience to providing guidance to entrepreneurs, which might involve start-up planning, fund raising, accounting or strategy.
    2. With non-profits, we try to help them focus on their mission, as well as offer suggestions for fund raising.

We have found that our brainstorming sessions are particularly helpful with for-profit and non-profit groups.

Perhaps the most successful program this quarter (and the previous) has been our speakers program at the Bennie DoverJackson Middle School in New London. Once a week for eight weeks MCCD brings a highly successful adult expert in a STEM filed to meet with the school’s (fifth grade?) Renzulli class and its after-school STEM program, to share with the student the excitement and the opportunities that the STEM disciplines offer in the real world. Our presenters have included individuals from the world of medicine, business and the sciences.